Show your support by walking or running on the track at your own pace.
To symbolise that our fight against cancer never sleeps, participants are encouraged to join us throughout the 15 hours overnight event and teams are recommended to have at least a member represented on the track at all times.

100KM Team Challenge

The fight against cancer is a long and arduous battle. The 100KM Team Challenge seeks to inspire supporters and members of the public to make a personal pledge to journey alongside those whose battle still continues.
The 100KM Team Challenge offers all participants the opportunity to declare their fight against cancer and to test their mental fortitude by participating in a walk/run around the relay track.
Besides aiming to complete the 100KM, the true focus and challenge of this relay are to show and understand that the fight against cancer never sleeps. This 100KM Challenge is symbolic in the way participants walk through the night, showing their grit and endurance. Until the cure for cancer is found, we want to keep showing our support and journey alongside the cancer warriors.

For 100KM Challengers

  • Collection window of Baton for Team Challenges is open from 4pm to 6pm (At least 1 repsentative must be there to collect). Collection will stop at 6pm SHARP. Team with uncollected batons will be disqualified. 
  • You are expected to stay throughout the overnight Relay.
  • You are allowed to have meal breaks and toilet breaks at your own discretion.
  • Complete the 100KM by 16th February 2020 at 8am and you will be entitled to the 100KM FINISHER tee. The 100KM Challenge will officially end at 8am

*Timing and informations are subjected to changes and updates.